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Change ownership and upgrade

Hi, I'm currently due an upgrade but I also want to change the contract from my name to a family member. 


Ive spoken to various departments who have all told me something different.


i want to change the ownership asap and upgrade. What's the best way to do this without losing my upgrade and discount on line rental and the quickest way. Some have told me it can take a week and some have said 3 months. I don't know what to believe. Thanks 

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Re: Change ownership and upgrade

@Zoe10  if you change ownership of the contract then  you’ll not have a upgrade if you change owner ship as you do not have an account with EE and you’ll have no discounts with EE.  


You will  have to take out a new contract and have a new number on that contract with no discounts.



the upgrade is for the contract that’s in your name and the discount is applied to the account that’s currently in your name and once its had a change of onwership it’s no longer in your name so it’s not yours to upgrade and the new contract owner will loose the discounts and they will not be able to upgrade for 3 months. 




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Re: Change ownership and upgrade

Hi @Zoe10 and welcome to the community.


The information provided above is indeed correct.


Many thanks,



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