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Can't access free Apple Music on iPad

Just got my new iPad. My iPhone is with Vodafone but as I work with EE now I got my staff discount on iPad so I'm aware i get 6 months free Apple Music but the problem is, to get it I need to text music to 150 but it won't send, is this because I'm logged in with my Apple ID that is with Vodafone and am I best making a new Apple ID to do it or is it the text function that's not working?

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Grand Master

Re: Can't access free Apple Music on iPad

@demdemmmxx  Your Apple ID is with Apple and no one else. 


You need to send the the text from a EE SIM card,  and the iPad can not send text message.     (  if you have a unlock device and you can put the iPad Sim card in that device you can then send the text music to 150) 


You will I’ll need to speak with customer services to enable this on the iPad. 



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Re: Can't access free Apple Music on iPad

Hi @demdemmmxx and welcome to the community.


The Apple music offer is not available to tablet plans.


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