by Tracyh30

Can I put a cap on my son's usage

Don't want my son running up a large bill so can I put a cap on his usage?


by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: Can I put a cap on my son's usage

@Tracyh30  EE don’t do caps on contracts. Your son can not go over the allowances of the contract but he could purchase extra data if needed but you can call customer services and request that any extra purchases be blocked,  it’s also worth requesting that premium rate numbers are also blocked.    Just call customer services and explain your concerns they are only to happen to help.  

by Tracyh30

Re: Can I put a cap on my son's usage

Thank you 

EE Community Support Team

Re: Can I put a cap on my son's usage

Hi @Tracyh30


Welcome to the EE Community. 🙂


@Chris_B is absolutely correct.


There are other chargeable services that we cannot stop. Please check out our price plan guide and Non-standard price guide so that you and your son are aware of exactly what is and isn't covered in the price plan.


If you contact our customer services team, they will do all they can to help limit the chargeable features on the account.


Hop this helps.


Chris 🙂

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