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Apple iphone

Im looking to move to the iphone x as i have the yearly upgrade but i have no phone to return would EE just charge me the cost and could i place the order online or over the phone ?????

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Re: Apple iphone

You can only do the annual upgrade in a physical EE retail store.  If you are not returning a handset, there will be an additional charge to pay, details of which can be found here.

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Re: Apple iphone

Hi @YeeYeeIphone


Welcome to the community.


Please take a look at the help page that @Profile closed referred to. It explains all about the annual upgrade process, including the eligibility criteria:-


  • You have had an eligible 4GEE Max Plan for at least 12 consecutive months and it is at least 12 months since your last upgrade
  • Your EE account is paid up to date
  • You upgrade to a new 24 month EE pay monthly plan
  • The monthly payment for your new plan is be at least the same as or higher than the monthly payment for your current plan. Standard eligibility rules apply.
  • You upgrade in an EE store.
  • You return your current phone to us in good working condition, if not charges will apply, see below
  • If you do not wish to return your current phone to us when you upgrade, you will be charged in accordance with our charges, see below.


Please let us know if you have any questions.



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