by Sybil

Apple Watch 4 Cellular and GPS contract

I want to buy my Dad an Apple Watch Series 4 cellualar GPS for his birthday. I know he is with EE, but I don't know what plan. I am hoping to be able to find out the answer here without asking him which plan he is on! 

Might he be able to use his Apple Watch through his EE contract? And if so, what would it cost?

Another complication is that I live in Hong Kong. I think that the models sold in Hong Kong are compatible with UK networks, but how do I find out?

by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: Apple Watch 4 Cellular and GPS contract

@Sybil  your dad just needs to be a contract customer with an iPhone to use an Apple Watch.  The only contract available if you buy the watch yourself is a £5 per month contract. This gets 10GB of data per month and the first 3 months are unlimited data.  And yes you can use a watch from Hong Kong on EE. 


Can I just ask does your dad need a cellular watch ?  Why not just get the non cellular watch it works just the same as the cellular one except you need your phone with you.  Save yourself some money and you also not putting a extra charge on your dad each month.



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