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why is my wifi calling not working

My wifi calling always connects straight away however it has not connected since I come home earlier on today (2.30pm).  I just have the "no signal" sign in the top right hand corner????  I NEED this to be working ASAP as I live in a valley where there is no mobile signal & have elderly parents in poor health, hence why I use WiFi Calling.  I have already restarted the phone about 10 times so the old trick of turn it off & on again is obviously not working.


I would appreciate any advice as soon as possible please as I REALLY need this working!!!

by Brilliant Contributor
Brilliant Contributor

Re: why is my wifi calling not working

This will not be network related most likely.


What phone do you have?


Has it been accidently turned off?


When was it last working?

BrendonH (Android Expert) Samsung Galaxy S10+ (Pie 9.0)
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by Skilled Contributor
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Re: why is my wifi calling not working

Is this a problem with your phone not connecting to your WiFi network, or WiFi calling not kicking in when it otherwise should?


Can you use WiFi on your phone to connect to websites, send/receive email, apps etc? That would prove that whether your WiFi connection is working.


Also as @BrendonH has suggested, check whether you've accidentally disabled WiFi calling in your phone settings.

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