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note 8 crashing and rebooting

Sometime in the middle of last week my phone did a system update and has since become unusable it's so unstable. Currently showing im on android 8.0.0 Oreo on a Note SM-950F version.


Going anywhere near video is likely to cause a crash/reboot. Scrolling down FB and twitter caases this. Using other apps I'm getting regualr "Google play services has stopped running" phone hangs, the lock screen coming up and getting stuck, and in chrome i'll get message saying "oops that didn't work" or something like that. Literally if I start to use the phone other than as a desktop clock - it will crash within 3 minutes.


I'm techincally competent .so have read online guides and took the following progressively more severa and time consuming steps...

1) Tried empyting specific app cache and data

2) Uninstalled apps and retried.

3) Boot to the menu and cleared the cache partition

4) Reinstalled android from top corner gear icom - setting menu and restored.

5) Reinstalledandroid from the boot menu after clearing cache partition agian. This time did not restore anything and reinstalled apps manually.


I am still getting regular app crashes, but slightly less frequent full reboots - eg. I can actually scroll down my FB feed now, and play some Youtube videos. But evetually it will reboot.


I have no idea how a phone can become so bad after a full reboot, its like the video device drivers have become corrupted, or it things I have a different phone model. The trigger seems to be some kind of media playback -  so may be down to certain codecs, or file types I have no idea.


Any ideas - as my next step is to get a new phone. I missed some important WhattsApp messages yesterday as the phone had rebooted without my knowledge and was waiting for my password - so it if can't function as a basic communications device it's as good as a brick.

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Re: note 8 crashing and rebooting

Hi @s_heath


Try using Samsung smart switch, the software recovery option. 





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