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i need much more storage on my samsung j3 i've put in storage card not much help

my phone doesn't keep my settings etc as i cannot add more storage it's always 98% full and it doesn't fucntion properly it's no good to me like this have to re enter stuff all the time can't upgrade til 01/

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Re: i need much more storage on my samsung j3 i've put in storage card not much



It depends on which version you have. If you have the 2016 version it has 8 or 16GB of onboard storage. If you have the 2017 version that comes with 16GB as standard.


These phones are the basic entry level phones hence the small amount of onboard storage. Your memory card will help and you can then put any photos or music on the memory card (photos should be saved on the card by default). If you install games then that will also decrease the amount of space on your phone, as will all the whatsapp storage.


Your phone will have an app under settings (smart manager/doctor) which will allow you to clean up your phones storage, that said if you have many large apps installed then it will not free up that space.


Ultimately there isn't much you can do with phones with small on board storage options other backing up on the cloud, then again that doesnt solve the problem with installing apps locally on your phone. 



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Re: i need much more storage on my samsung j3 i've put in storage card not much

Hi @Lesleyb63 and welcome to the community.


As @Northerner has mentioned above in regards to internal memory it may be worth checking our apps and seeing if any of them will transfer over to memory card.


It maybe also worth clearing cache on apps:


Step 1: Head to the Settings menu. This can be done by tapping the cog icon in your notification shade.

Step 2: Find Apps (or Applications, depending on your device) in the menu, then locate the app that you want to clear the cache or data for.

Step 3: Tap on Storage and the buttons for clearing the cache and app data will become available


Let me know how you get on.


Many thanks,



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