by pawly79
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galaxy s10 dropping calls



So..... I have a Galaxy S10. its about 4 months old and it has recently started dropping calls. it doesn't matter if I make the call or if I receive the call. its not a location thing either as it does it at work and at home. so I have to assume that its something to do with the phone?


has anyone else had this problem? does anyone know how to make it stop doing it as its starting to affect my work now as I am on call whenever I am not physically at work. 


I would phone up EE but the call keeps dropping, or when it does work they can only intermittently hear me even though I have full signal and I have the WIFI signal boost turned on too.


thanks in advance



EE Community Support Team

Re: galaxy s10 dropping calls

Good Afternoon @pawly79


Thanks for coming to the community and thank you for providing such detail. 


As this happens in more than one location I would recommend a SIM test. This means putting your SIM into another device and see if the issue continues. 


If this continues then this would indicate it is a problem with your SIM and then I would recommend a replacement SIM. 


Please let me know how you get on with this, 


Katie 🙂

by cwmparc1 Established Contributor
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Re: galaxy s10 dropping calls

I have the same issue, where calls and data drop.

My wife is with EE and hers is fine, I have tried my sim in her phone and the issue goes with the sim.

How do I get a replacement sim please @Katie_B 

EE Community Support Team

Re: galaxy s10 dropping calls

Hi @cwmparc1


You can visit your local EE Store or give us a call




Katie 🙂

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