by Tracey_T

Why have I still not got the nougat update (S6)

I know other people on EE with the same phone who have received it. Why not me? 

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Re: Why have I still not got the nougat update (S6)

Hi @Tracey_T,


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Samsung haven't rolled out the Nougat update for the EE version of the S6 yet.


As soon as they make it available, you'll get a notification on your handset.





by Tracey_T

Re: Why have I still not got the nougat update (S6)

the reason I asked is that my Aunt has had the update on the same phone and contract.  I phoned customer service today.  They suggested clearing the memory down in case I don't have enough storage for it to be downloaded. Makes sense as I don't have much storage available.  Will be trying it this afternoon and will see what happens.

by Andybirkett76

Re: Why have I still not got the nougat update (S6)

Hi James


OK, so firstly, Samsung have rolled out the S6 update to networks, according to numerous webaites, so if you haven't got it yet, you ought to have a word. 


Secondly, Samsung promised 'the first half of the year', so even if you haven't got it, you'll get it in the next two days. Your own previous article about how your update process works said it takes you a total of 'a few weeks' to prepare and test the update before you roll it out, so presumably the absolute latest I will get it will be 21 July. Wouldn't you agree? 


Any further delays will stink of a shameless attempt to force me to upgrade to one of your excessively priced s8 contracts. 


If Samsung hadn't even given you Nougat for the S6 yet, why not just say that when you've been asked numerous times before on Twitter and this forum? You've always stuck to the 'we haven't got any information' line, when you could have explained Samsung were the issue.


Please try to give me a proper response, not a cut and paste job.



by Andybirkett76

Re: Why have I still not got the nougat update (S6)

Oh and also James, you might want to correct the glaring error in your response above - you said that 'as soon as Samsung make it available you'll get a notification on your handset', which contradicts what EE have said before about the preparation and testing period of a few weeks. THAT'S when we get it. Saying it's 'as soon as Samsung release it' is misleading, particularly when they already have, and it's in your hands now. 

by Skilled Contributor
Skilled Contributor

Re: Why have I still not got the nougat update (S6)

None of the media teams on here, twitter, facebook etc know anything about updates.  In fact they get told off for even trying to ask the powers that be higher up the food chain.   They stick to what they are told to say 1) because they are told to say it and 2) because they do not know anything about it. 


Personal opinion is I dont think the S6 will ever get nougat on EE.  


@Tracey_T - Your aunt will have an unbranded handset so will have received the update because Samsung have released it for unbranded.  There is either an issue with the EE EVR build or EE are just plainly refusing to release it.  


On the S6 wifi calling is exclusive to EE EVR branded handsets and this has caused delay issues on previous updates.  Your aunt wont have wifi calling on the S6 if on an unbranded handset.  Unbranded handsets typically come from Carphone Warehouse outlets, replacement insurance handsets and sometimes even direct from EE.  Usually if you have received your handset directly from EE you would get an EVR handset.   You can check your handset's region by using a free "Phone info" program from the play store or simply by dialling *#1234# and telling us the codes you receive in response.    I'm willing to bet that you are on an EVR handset and your aunt is on BTU or XEU. 


Updates are a major bugbear with EE.  They simply do not like passing them on or are very slow to do so.  Even the flagship galaxy S8 is now a week behind the Samsung BTU unbranded firmware.  The EE S7 only got Nougat in March.  Samsung released that in January!!! 


It really isnt good enough.  There are a number of us on this forum who have been trying to get this policy changed to no avail.   It's not that we just want to have the latest shiney new operating system it is the security updates that are of the main concern.  Handsets are now mini computers and are open to exploits.  The manufacturers patch these bugs and exploits but EE refuse to provide them to us.  It's like running an unpatched Windows XP and expecting everything to be fine and dandy.  Someone someday is going to be hacked.  I fear until EE are publicly embarrassed by it then nothing will get done and they will not take these updates seriously. (It'll have to be someone high profile).


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