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Which new phone are you interested in?

Lots of exciting news over the last few days with a lot of new devices and tech.


So what new phone are you interesting in an why?


It might be worth checking which of these devices will have EE requested changes to their firmware as this will affect future updates.


Sony and super slow mo camera and fast download speeds

LG with its widescreen 

Moto and its attachments like Alexa and a gamepad and amazing budget Moto G5 

Nokia promise stock and regular updates.. hmmmm i wonder if EE will allow this

Huawei P10 with its funky colors

Blackberry with its keyboard 😉

Alcatel with an LED disco light back

Samsungs yet to be anounced S8 

and many more.


So what you waiting for 


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Re: Which new phone are you interested in?

Nokia is having stock Android, nothing EE could really do about it.


S8+ for me when it's finally announced. But I am also wanting to get the revamped Nokia 3310. That was my very first Mobile phone I ever had. Little disappointed it doesn't look the exact same though.

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