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Which handset?

 Evening all, 

After a bit if advice regarding my upgrade which is due in about a month..... What peoples opinion on Samsung S8 and Note 8?

Currently I have S7 edge but I also have a Note 3 as spare. 

I was going to get Note 7 as upgrade but went for S7 as we all know what happened to the N7😝 


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Re: Which handset?



If you want the note size but better shape then the S8+ is a better option. Got one myself over the Note 8.


I would however consider what you intend to use it for and how it fits in your hand etc. Go into any store (regardless of carrier) and try them out.



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Re: Which handset?

Thanks for helping @Northerner.


Let us know what you decide to go for @Rogersdave771 🙂

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Re: Which handset?

@Leanne_T @Northerner I have done a little research on the handsets and read lots of reviews.

I think the decision will be made by which handset/plan is cheapest when I come to upgrade ☺️

Not had either handset in my hands yet but will do in the next few days. 

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Re: Which handset?

Hi there @Rogersdave771


It would be great to hear what you go for and your thoughts 🙂



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Brilliant Contributor

Re: Which handset?

I second @Northerner on the S8+. I have had it from release and its a great piece of kit.


My work colleague has the Note 8 and the only difference I can tell is that the shape is a little more sqaure and the S Pen.


If you are going by price then it'll most likely be the S8+ anyway as this would be cheaper.

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