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When the huawei p9 getting new android update

When the huawei p9 getting new android update. Another month goes by still no update.

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Re: When the huawei p9 getting new android update



EE do not provide firmware update release date information but when updates will available your phone will get a OTA notification to download,

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Re: When the huawei p9 getting new android update

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The answer given by @tahirmian is correct and hope this gives you everything you were looking for.


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Re: When the huawei p9 getting new android update

I'm not sure the answer gives anyone what they are looking for (apart from EE, possibly).


Huawei released the Nougat update months and months ago.  They have confirmed that it is EE that are causing the delays in its release, so an answer "your phone will tell you" is clearly not satisfactory in anyone's book.


Do EE not take any account of customer views?  There are lots of forum threads on this topic, and people have tried to contact EE to find an answer and no-one knows anything.  It is, to be honest, pretty embarrassing for one of the "leading" UK telecomms companies to be this behind in (1) releasing updates; and (2) providing customers with information.  The whole purpose of EE is to allow communication and the thing that EE are so appalling at is communication.


I have probably 6-10 months or so until I can buy myself out of my EE contract, which, I will be doing because this really is a shambles.  It wouldn't surprise me if my P9 is still waiting for the update then and EE will still be giving the answer that "we as (one of) the largest telecommunications companies in the UK do not have the capacity to communicate with our customers. Please wait for your phone to get in touch with you directly".

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