by TheGingerOneNI Investigator

Waiting on a Pixel 2 XL?

If like me you are waiting on a Pixel 2 XL you might want to RING EE customer service. I placed my order on the 13th of October for a 128gb Pixel XL in Just Black and got my email confirmation straight after. 


Come launch day yesterday and I still had no word about my order. I spoke with Richard_C on here and also went into the EE store closest to me and both said keep checking the 'track my order' page for the latest news. I decided to ring customer service after reading some other posts and it turned out my order had never been processed due to an error. I would have been left waiting indefinitely for my phone had I not called. My preorder has now been cancelled, new upgrade order commenced and my phone will be delivered tomorrow.


Hopefully the customer advisors on here will see this and escalate up their management chain so that others don't have to discover this by themselves.

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