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Voicemail asking for pin when in uk

Today when i got a voicemail it wont let me access it as i dont have a pin set up a d to do the when back in the uk


I havent left the uk, help!

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Re: Voicemail asking for pin when in uk

You don't have to be outside the UK to use voicemail PIN.  Once you enable voicemail PIN, it remains enabled even when accessing your voicemail in the UK until you disable voicemail PIN again.


Have you set up voicemail PIN previously?  If so, it will be that same PIN.


If you don't know what the PIN is, you will have to ring EE and get them to reset your voicemail for your, though that may well delete the message you are trying to access.



by Kerrie3000 Investigator

Re: Voicemail asking for pin when in uk

Ive never set up a pin and pick up voicemails regularly without issue

EE Community Support Team

Re: Voicemail asking for pin when in uk

Hi @Kerrie3000


Welcome to the community. 🙂


We always recommend using a PIN to keep your voicemail secure.


I recommend contacting our customer service team so that they can reset the PIN for you.




Chris 🙂

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