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Using roaming when overseas

I was in Romania in May and I could not access the internet.  Am not sure exactly what Data Roaming means and how to enable it on my phone.  Am going again in November, I would like to use FB to post photos.  All I advice I can get is to "go to website" but I cannot do that if I have no internet.  I have a contract and Samsung A6.  

Can someone please give me an idiot guide I can use and an explanation of what is included and what is not? I tried putting on Mobile Data, Data Roaming, turning on and off, sending Roaming to 150......setting the VPN to automatic....pulling my hair out....but none of it worked

I did ring EE when I got back but still did not understand, seems I come from another planet 

I never had this problem with  Vodafone, it was just automatic.



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Re: Using roaming when overseas

Hi @ToniB1

Welcome to the community.


I'll do my best to get you some help. What kind of phone do you have?


Please check to make sure roaming and calling abroad is enabled within your My EE account.


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