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Update to Android 7.0 after factory reset

Hello, I have had to reset my samsung s7 back to original settings, but now I cannot upgrade back to android Nougat, even when trying manual update in about device section it states that I am on the latest software level. yet the phone is running android 6.



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Brilliant Contributor

Re: Update to Android 7.0 after factory reset

When you do a factory reset it doesn't go back on firmware.


Dial *#1234# and share the info.

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by Knight101

Re: Update to Android 7.0 after factory reset

Hi, I tried dialing that but all I receive is a msg stating connection problem or invalid mmi.


in the software section.


Android version



Kernal version


dpi@SWDD6911 #1

Mon Oct 17 14:28:42 KST 2016


Android security patch level

1 October 2016

by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: Update to Android 7.0 after factory reset



If you already had Android 7 running it wouldn't install Android 6 if you factory reset.


Also if that code doesn't run then your install is corrupt.


  • Where did you get the phone?
  • How long have you owned it?
  • Have you rooted or installed a rom?

You could try software recovery via the Samsung firmware recovery on their PC app , Or you could also install the latest firmware via Sams mobile and Odin.



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