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Threatening letter for phone I have never owned

I ordred a Samsung 10e mobile phone from with a 24 month contract from EE.  I had a delivery slot of 1 hour from DPD and waited patiently. 10 minutes after the start of the time slot I got a text message from DPD to tell me I wasn't in!! I eventually found a number from DPD who said it was a new driver and he couldn't find my address.  I waited while he spoke to the driver and DPD told me that the driver would return that day. Although I had an appointment, I cancelled it and waited in all day. The driver did not return. I rung a manager at and cancelled my order. His secretary rang me a day later and I confirmed my cancellation and she was going to complain to DPD.

I got an invoice from EE two days ago for £31 which said account closed at the bottom and no money was owing.

Today I have received a threatening letter from EE re an overdue balance of £31, telling me if I don't pay the whole 24 months payments will be outstanding. The letter says they may disconnect my phone. Seeing as I never received this phone, they can do what they want with it, I am still using my old phone.  I am a pensioner of almost 80 years old. I have never owed a penny to anyone and this letter threatening to report me to Credit Agencies is really worrying me. I am sure I will have difficulty sleeping tonight. Please help someone.

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Brilliant Contributor

Re: Threatening letter for phone I have never owned

Ring EE and explain to them.


Also contact about this.


We cant help you here we have no account access.

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by vallan

Re: Threatening letter for phone I have never owned

Thank  you. I will call in to EE tomorrow with the letter.  I will also ring insurance as I have a feeling they will be billing me too, if have not passed on my cancellation request.

EE Community Support Team

Re: Threatening letter for phone I have never owned

Hi @vallan,


Welcome to the EE Community.


It sounds like haven't informed EE that your contract needs to be cancelled.


Please get in touch with them so they can contact EE on your behalf.





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