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The first LG G6 product review task for the Stars

Our Community Stars have kindly volunteered to test and review the new LG G6 which is out soon, and available to pre order with EE now. We're setting them tasks and asking for their thoughts over the next few days and we'd love to see your questions too, just tap reply below this post to join in the conversation.


Today's questions:


  • What is your first impression of the LG G6?


  • How easy or difficult is the LG G6 to use? 

 1487929852298.jpgLG G6


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by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: The first LG G6 product review task for the Stars

I'll answer first.


My first impressions of the G6 it's a good looking device and once the screen powers up it's just wow what a great display and the size of the display is spot on and that's the same reaction I've been getting from others who I've shown the device too. 


Using the G6 for me was a new experience as it's Android powered but it's very easy to get to grips with even if your not a Android user, I've let other Android users have ago and they was soon showing me stuff that I didn't even know was on the device. The more I use it the more I want to use it. 




by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: The first LG G6 product review task for the Stars



What is your first impression of the LG G6?

I'm using the black model so the black screen seamlessly merges with the bezel. In the hand the phone feels like a premium product with its all glass design and gun metal aluminium frame. The glass back houses the two 13mp cameras and the fingerprint reader/power button. It’s not heavy to hold but with its rounded edges and slightly curved back it sits just great in the hand.  


I normally own phones with Super AMOLED screens but I have to say the screen on this phone is just amazing. The screen resolution and colours just seem more natural than on Super AMOLED.  The screen looks even better with minimal bezels so the whole of the front is nearly the screen. It seems large at first but because of the minimal bezels it was still easy for me to use with one hand.


How easy or difficult is the LG G6 to use?

If you are familiar with Android then this is an easy move from another handset. As you would expect this handset is running Android Nougat. LG have their own take on android but this can be personalised via the settings to allow you to use the traditional apps draw. I found this to be more to my liking and made one handed navigation a bit easier. Because there are no front hardware buttons the controls are onscreen but the these don't impact the overall viewable screen.


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by Ace Contributor
Ace Contributor

Re: The first LG G6 product review task for the Stars

My first impression of the LG G6 was, it is a really stunning design. I’m really liking the reduced bezel front that more and more Smartphones are now using.


After using current Smartphone (iPhone 7 Plus). I actually find the LG G6 is noticeable easier to hold in one hand than this. I actually have small hands too, but had no issues at all with one handed use with my small hands.


The opinion I had on, build quality, materials used was very high indeed. I really like the all metal frame and also the colour and finish of it. I really like the back too; the black colour looks very sleek and very premium. The two buttons that are on the left handside are both metal and have a nice reassuring feel/click to them when pressing them. I’m a bit on the fence with the placement of the power button/finger printer reader button, but that’s just my personal preference. I did find that even with my small hands, I could easily reach this button with my index finger to press it to power on/off the phone, read my print, and also sleep the screen.


Having never used an Android device before, within around 5-10 minutes of use, I was picking things up very fairly easily, and a lot of the menu system was logically laid out. Somethings I had to Google, but it was an easy enough Smartphone to use, and that is coming from someone who has never used an Android phone before.


With me having small hands, I did struggle to reach the upper parts of the screen to select items with one hand, but, due to the very small bezels on the LG G6, I found it easier with the LG G6 than I do on my current Smartphone.

by Star Contributor
Star Contributor

Re: The first LG G6 product review task for the Stars

My first impressions of the LG G6 are excellent.  I really like the screen and lack of bezel.  The phone isn't too heavy.  I really like the flush camera design on the back.   


Turning the phone on requires a long press of the finger print scanner button which is on the back of the phone.  Setting the phone up takes a few minutes.  Once that's done, you will be taken to the home screen.  The default settings will have all icons on the home screen but you can change this to show the app draw in settings. 


The LG G6 fits into my pocket really well considering it has a large screen.  







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Re: The first LG G6 product review task for the Stars

Right from first opening the box I could tell the LG G6 is a high quality device. Cosmetically the colour and gloss finish are stunning and the button free display/bezel gives it a unique seamless look.

I have only owned one Android device before so I am relatively new to the OS. I found the initial set up for the G6 user friendly and each step was easy to understand. After setting up the OS is easy to navigate and the menus/options are set out well and clearly worded.

Even when numerous apps and downloads were happening in the background there was no lagging or freezing and the OS & hardware stability really appeals to me. I am impressed to say after a nearly a week of testing I have experienced literally no errors, crashes, switching off/random rebooting or app closing at all.

by Brilliant Contributor
Brilliant Contributor

Re: The first LG G6 product review task for the Stars

My first impressions of the G6 was Wow! As soon as I held it I liked it the weight and size seems perfect and is suprisingly compact for a device with such a large screen.


I found it extremely easy to hold and control with one hand.


The build quality is excellent and there is no cheap feel to this device it feels very premium.


Setting up was a breeze as is the case with most android phones it has intuitive menus and I had no trouble finding things as it's all laid out very well.


I too am used to devices with a super Amoled screeen but I have to say the colours just look more natural on the G6.


Performance is top notch with nothing I could throw at it slowing it down and it just takes everything in its stride.

If you think I helped please feel free to hit the "Star" button below.
by Ace Contributor
Ace Contributor

Re: The first LG G6 product review task for the Stars




Us lucky EE Community Stars have the pleasure and luxury of being asked by EE to test the beautiful LG G6 before public release. Firstly, I must be honest, I am a complete and dedicated iPhone Fan and I have always gone with the approach of I will never leave Apple. So, testing an Android Mobile Device is going to be a personal challenge for me, as like many, I am used to the norm and experience changing my vital device, my phone, is never going to be straight forward.


As soon as that delivery arrives, your excitement starts. The sleek and quality Black packaging with a high quality G6 embedded on the front is a great look. Before you have already laid your eyes on the LG G6, you just know that LG mean business and this device is going to blow your mind!


Opening up the box brings you to the LG G6, a piece of art in its own right. It is a stunning device; with clean shape edges, the phone is beautiful.


The first feature which hit me was the crystal-clear glass, combined with the extremely high quality resolution display, the LG G6 really does give you an infinity feel when you look at the screen. It had already made me really wonder why I have my iPhone 7 Plus, as the screen was just ridiculous on this LG phone!


Turning the device over, you can see something totally new. The back of the LG G6 has duel cameras with a flash in between the two. Just below this is a circle button which I honestly had no idea was. On experimenting, this button was in fact the beating heart of the LG G6, the Power Button! So, as I have mentioned, I am an Apple user, so having the main Power/Home/Finger Scanner on the back of a device is totally alien to me. But once again, LG have clearly taken the time to really master the design of the G6 and it felt for me, just fine. It wasn’t strange or awkward in any way; it just felt good and easy to use, a worthwhile design in my book.


I expected some difficulties in setting up on an Android for the first time, however I had no such thing. The setup was simple, clear and extremely smooth for me. I entered my already established Google Account, connected to my Wifi and boom; I was rocking.

I installed some games and apps and was pleasantly surprised with how fast the LG G6 is. The apps were running instantaneously and I honestly did not experience no delay or lagging on the device, like I have done with other devices in the past when running multiple apps.


Overall, for the first day of testing the LG G6, I am positively surprised. The device gives me the high-quality experience and premium feel I have always craved. LG are really doing a number on me, as I am honestly questioning my loyalties to Apple at the moment!!


More review content to follow in @TiffJ threads people. If you would like us to test a certain aspect or feature, please just ask!


by Brilliant Contributor
Brilliant Contributor

Re: The first LG G6 product review task for the Stars

I'm going to be honest, when I was first invited to take part in reviewing the LG G6, I went onto Google and did a quick Google Image search and honestly, I did not like the look of the phone. However, once the phone arrived and I opened the box, I was pleasantly surprised with the look and feel of the LG G6. I personally believe that the images do not do the phone justice.


The LG G6 has a very sleek finish with a minimal bezel, meaning that you get a very large screen on a relatively compact phone, which helps when using the phone with one hand. Unlike other phones, there is no contemporary home button and fingerprint sensor on the bottom of the phone; instead the home button is integrated in the back of the phone. Initially I thought this might prove awkward, however, upon using the device I was proved wrong. Having the home button and fingerprint sensor on the back is  easier to use, as it utilises your index finger, allowing your thumb to continue working on the screen.


The initial Android set-up process was very easy and intuitive. I personally do not have much experience with the Android OS as I use an iPhone, but I have got to say that it has been far easier than I expected to get to grips with it. I was very surprised by the processing power of the LG G6 as I was downloading and using multiple apps and games simultaneously and the phone did not seem to lag or crash at any time.


The battery quality on the phone is exceptional; when I received the phone it was on 68% and even though I was downloading and using loads of apps, I did not need to charge it for at least 24 hours.


Overall, my initial impression of the LG G6 is very high. Even as a loyal Apple customer, I am seriously considering using the LG G6 as my every day phone.

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