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Struggle to get a phone on contract . . . will never recommend EE to any one


I went to the EE store to get Google Pixel XL 128GB Black.

They had in stock but could not give me as my credit limit was accepted to 50£ max by EE so they could not give me any deal for more than 50£.

As the phone plan i was looking at was for 55.99£ then i was advise by the store guys to try online you might get it, i said fine, and they help me to order it from the EE website. i received and email confirmation from them about the plan i have ordered online.


Next day or following day i received a call for my ID check which i had already went through of 3 different types of ID checks at store already, when i was at the EE store, well however luckily i was on the high street when the call came for ID check and i was near to the same EE store so i requested the person on the phone if she can have a word with the person at the store so the store person can explain what has been done, and after that the ID check went ok over the phone as well and was advise that the phone will be delivered soon. ( the phone i was not getting in the store i was able to get it online) surprise same company correct, online or store how does it matters?? then the following day i received a call from EE that the phone i am looking for is not in stock and i need wait for it to come in stock or choose another phone, i said i will wait for the phone to be available. 

But in next few day i received a letter from EE then i called EE spoke with the manager (i have the name of the manager if needed will disclose) he looked into it and he transferred the call to another department/team that person (i can provide the name when needed) tried getting the phone which i was looking for and i received an email confirming the phone details tariff etc, this time everything was fine except the phone model which was mention on the email confirmation i received, i then rang EE again and asked for the person i was talking to i was transferred to him and he said he selected the the phone i am looking on but as its not in stock it changed automatically to google pixel 32gb black instead of google pixel XL 128 gb black.

He advise me to not to accept the delivery and ask the deliver guy to take it back, i did as advised, later i received the bill for the deliver i returned for that i again had to call them as for refund which i received after so many days.
When i had called for the billing issue the same person was not available and the person who received the call advise me that he can proceed with the phone i am looking for as its shows it in stock, to be specific he said 80 phones of that model are available.
I replied saying sure can you do the same deal what i have got earlier or you want me to wait i can wait for the other person to be available, he said no i can do it for you, he even reduced the price of what i was on the plan i was looking on with 15gb data 
unlimited mints and texts. The phone was finally coming and i was very excited, but when the phone arrived it was google pixel 128gb black where is supposed to be 
google pixel XL 128gb black, i called EE again saying that even this time you have send me a wrong mobile phone they said that they will arrange a bag so i can returned this one as soon as i received the bag from them. which i did and following few day i received the bill and this time the bill was with upfront charge which i never agreed and was never told about this upfront cost with the call taker at the time of getting this phone, however the phone it self was a wrong model again and even this one was under process for refund.

This all thing is going on since one month, then on 02/02/2017 i had spoken with some other manager (i can provide the name if needed) he said that google is not making this phone so we are not sure when it will be available i asked him why i was not told this in the 1st call it self why did you do this to me , and because of all this the
payments which were taken from my account due to that my other direct debits are also affected who will bare those extra charges? and he also confirmed that when second time when the phone was issued to me the credit check was done again on my profile where i was been told by the other agent that no credit check will  be done, which means that my credit rating must have gone down by some points as it was done agin and again even after me asking them about this and was told no as once the credit check is done we wont do it again, but the manager i spoke with the last time he said once you return the phone as its not the correct one you were looking for that account gets closed and to apply for another phone the credit check is must and without that we cant give you the phone, either he gave me the false info or the other people i spoke with gave me the false info in both the scenario its my loss at the end, and as i had given 30 days notice to current service provider i was left with no option.

then i have go with another phone brand/model with some other service provider as EE does not had the phone i was looking for. Amazing customer service with all the false information etc.

it was annoying and mentally toucher with all fake promises made to me.  


Grate experience with EE and will never recommend them to any one.

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Re: Struggle to get a phone on contract . . . will never recommend EE to any one

Hello @iamjk sorry to hear you have had problems ordering the Google Pixel on EE. 


Due to to this being a public user forum access to accounts is not allowed to check check or query any if this through here further I am sorry. Please call customer service on 150 from an EE phone or 07953 966 250 from any other to discuss this with EE or you can use this link to make a formal complaint. :):

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Re: Struggle to get a phone on contract . . . will never recommend EE to any one



thanks for your reply.


i have decided not to go with EE for any type of Phone contracts any more, and yes i will definitely raise a complaint.

waisted my time discussing with EE for a phone contract with you guys.




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Re: Struggle to get a phone on contract . . . will never recommend EE to any one

You are welcome @iamjk sorry to hear you have decided not to choose EE in the end. Come back to the community anytime if there is anything else you would like to know. 🙂

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