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Samsung s5 2016 - Getting hot


Last few days my Samsung S5 2016 is getting so hot. Ive taken the battery out to see if that helps. but as soon as it is back in. it heats up again. 

I then thought.   Off to the repair man. 

I charged up my old Samsung. and as soon as I put my sim in and my sd card. that handset gets extremely hot too.


Could there be any chance that it is connected to my SIM.. I have now gone back to the current phone to see if it reheats.. I dont know what to do .


Im not under contract. so will have pay any charge for sending off.  so reluctant to do that unless necessary. 

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Re: Samsung s5 2016 - Getting hot

Hi @65dibble


Your phone will get hot when charging, via fast charge. This also reduces your battery life. You however are lucky as you can just replace the battery, which you can pick up cheap on Amazon (Anker ones are very good).


It's not a SIM problem. 



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Re: Samsung s5 2016 - Getting hot

Hello there @65dibble


Thanks for coming to the community.


Is this the same charger you are using?


This doesn't sound great. I recommend speaking to our technical support team so we can get this looked into further for you and go through the options available.


Thanks, Leanne.

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