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Samsung S6 fix dispute

My Samsung S6 suddenly stopped working last year due to what I have found is a factory fault - the LCD Screen was not working (or not connected) so the phone was on but the screen black. I had a small crack on the back of the screen before this so the warranty was void. This crack happened months before the LCD screen disconnected.


I paid £175 to get this fixed, which I deemed 'worth it' as I was told that there was a warranty on this fix, so it would be able to be repaired within a year if the same problem with the LCD screen happened again. This was a significant chunk of my NHS wages at the time but because I desperately need my phone and have had previously bad experience by fixes done by third parties, I paid the price. I only did this because I believed I would be protecting myself against the same thing happening again. I run 3 buisnesses in my spare time and need my phone as these are run from it and I need to supplement my NHS wages as they do not even cover my rent.


After I got it fixed in Feburary 2017, I purchased an Otter case which are almost industructable, practically water proof. I ironically did not even drop it after I had the case however, in January, the same problem happened again.


I went into the EE store in Brighton on Western Road and they checked the phone, agreed to send it off and gave me a replacement phone. At this point there was no dispute over the phone being repaired for free. 


After this I was rung by Samsung, they said it would cost £120 to fix. In a goodwill gesture EE said they could take £60 off this. I asked Samsung if I could speak to a manager and the employee siad they would ring me back in 48 hours. This never happened and my phone was sent back to the store unfixed.


Now the replacement phone has been blocked and I cannot use it. I have no money and I have been paying fully for my contract during this period and our small business has been with Orange since it began, before EE swollowed it up.


I would greatly appriciate any advise on how I can get my phone back, fixed, at no extra cost.  

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Ace Contributor

Re: Samsung S6 fix dispute

Hello @spamoid access to accounts is not allowed through here to check this information and give you a definite answer I am sorry. This will need to go through customer service or Live Chat online:


If you are still unhappy with the result then you can make a formal complaint to EE here:


EE complaints code of practice:

EE Community Support Team

Re: Samsung S6 fix dispute

Hi @spamoid,


Welcome to the EE Community.


That's great advice from @tm90, our customer service team will be happy to help you with this.





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