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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 - Constant Rebooting = No Update possible?

About a month ago my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 started to constantly reboot. With no apparent solution to this, I downloaded Wakelock which has stopped the phone constantly rebooting at the cost of a little in terms of battery life.

If I were to turn my phone off, or attempt a manual restart, it simply will not restart. I have to manually remove the battery and constantly try to have the phone restarted.

I get the 'Downloading - Do not turn off target...' message on restart, so by holding the home, volume down and start button, the phone finally restarts.

I now have the option to download the latest software update. Having tried this three times now, once the update has downloaded and a phone restart is required, the phone doesn't automatically restart and the update fails.

Does anybody know how I can get the phone updated with the latest software?

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 - Constant Rebooting = No Update possible?

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You can download the latest software via the Samsung Support pages on their website.


The other thing to check would be how much available memory you have on your device - if you don't have at least 10-20% available you won't be able to complete the update.


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