by Loo210
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Samsung Galaxy Active


i have ordered an S10+ and waiting for it to arrive. I am an Apple user and love my watch so I have been looking to get a Samsung watch. 

Love the sleek look of the new Galaxy Active Watches but I cant find any info online about it working with an EE phone? 

I have ordered my phone directly from Samsung as they offered the best deal but I am keeping my SIM only plan with EE. 

I currently use my watch a lot to send messages and answer phone calls but I will be gutted if u can’t do the with my new phone/watch. 

Does anyone know if EE will be taking on the new watches too? 




by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: Samsung Galaxy Active

@Loo210 As far as I can find out it’s not a cellar watch so I doubt it.  


The reason I say this is because EE doesn’t sell the none cellular Apple Watch or the none cellular Samsung galaxy watch. Where does EE make a profit on it without a contract. 

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