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S8 Pre order Bonus



I'm looking to upgrade early and pre order the Samsung Galaxy s8; however I'm confused to what order bonuses I will receive.


News articles online state if you pre order the S8, you'll receive the new VR Gear and a heavily discounted price on a package which includes AKG headphones and a 256GB Samsung Micro SD.


However, there is no mention of these on EE's store page and the only kind of "pack" I can find seems to be an EE customised accesory pack, which includes a £20 discount voucher for a case, a USB C type cable and a wireless charging pad.


Can somebody please provide some clarificaiton?


Many thanks



by Brilliant Contributor
Brilliant Contributor

Re: S8 Pre order Bonus

Hi @Ash92x Where is the deal you've seen with the free Vr? I haven't seen that at all EE aren't currently offering that deal and as you say are only offering the accessories pack.

Although they are offering a free 64gb  sd card on max plans 


The Akg headphones come in the box as standard with the phone 

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Re: S8 Pre order Bonus

Hi @Ash92x


Please see our Pre-order the brand new Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+ with EE post.


Also have a look Samsung Galaxy S8 with Official Samsung Pack page for some further information.


The Official Samsung Pack includes:


  • Convertible wireless charger (RRP £69.99)
  • USB C combo cable (RRP £19.99)
  • £20 voucher for Samsung official case (redeemable in store or online)

Here is some further information on EE Upgrades: All you need to know about upgrading your phone with EE. as well.


Thank you





by Ash92x

Re: S8 Pre order Bonus

Hi, Thanks for the reply. The bonus I am referring to can be found here: However, upon looking again it seems this is a US only offer? Still; there's mention on many news articles that those who pre-order receive a Gear VR headset. Perhaps this is also a US only offer. EE's "pack" seems like a bad deal in comparison. Regards, Ash
EE Employee

Re: S8 Pre order Bonus

Hi @Ash92x


The link you have provided does seem to be US only.


@Richard_C has provided our pre order bundles in his previous post.


Many thanks,



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