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S8 Pie update. It's here!!

Well there it is...



Off to S10 direct from Samsung now so no more EE delays in updates. Really wish EE made much needed improvements to the service over the years but more than that I wish they'd even acknowledged there where actually issues.



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Re: S8 Pie update. It's here!!

@Bellyman  You know full well that Samsung creates the update and unless EE are happy with that update then Samsung have to recreate that update.   So you could say the issue is with Samsung not creating the updates quick enough for EE. 

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Re: S8 Pie update. It's here!!


Yes, I got it today for my unbranded firmware Smiley Happy & foolishly d/loaded it whilst off WiFi. No harm done Smiley Happy!


It's not yet been released by Samsung yet for EE (EVR) firmware.

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Re: S8 Pie update. It's here!!

I got it few days ago.


I got it early for being a beta tester

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Re: S8 Pie update. It's here!!

Virgin mobile use EEs network and thus would connect to the same multi mast network. I believe it also has voice over LTE and wifi, yet the Pie update is out.


What is so different?

Also why is the difference different everytime there's an update?


For example Samsung say oooh EE needs XYZ ok lets do that for them.  Arrrh another update and now EE need XYZABC.  Oh no another yeah another update EE now needs XYZABC123.


As i said the delay is not the worst part the lack of acknowledgement is.  This could be acknowledgement at a high level that changes could be made to streamline the process and bring EE XYZ's not such a delaying factor ot acknowledgement to its customers of the issues, challenges and provided information.


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