by stevo125 Established Contributor
Established Contributor

Reporting firmware bugs? (xperia z5)


So I've discovered there is a wifi related issue with the EE specific firmware for my device. The issue is NOT present in the generic UK firmware of the same version, nor that of another network. 

Is there a formal way of reporting this? Sony won't touch it as it's EE's customisations to the radio stack (probably for wifi calling and/or volte) that have broken it. 


The same issue has been present on the past 2 releases. Changing settings doesn't fix it. Factory reset doesn't fix it. It's a software issue with the customisations. 


Issue is related to ipv6 dns bug I believe. Will add more details if it la actually worthwhile... 

by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: Reporting firmware bugs? (xperia z5)

@stevo125. If you post those details the staff here could pass it on to the relevant people

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