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Pixel microphone fault

Just got new Google pixel ,been using it for 3 days and had issues with microphone,External speaker microphone works fine ,but when using phone normally microphone will not work ,anyone else having a problem 

Goggle pixel 128 GB black

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Re: Pixel microphone fault

Hello @PowerCat sorry to hear you are having trouble with the microphone on your new phone. This is most likely a device fault but could be down to your line or SIM. To confirm for sure try the SIM in another phone if you can, or another SIM in the phone. You can also check your area for any signal/mast faults using the network status checker contained in this link to rule those out:

Customer service on 150 from your EE phone or 07953 966 250 from aby other can help with line faults. If you are a personal pay monthly customer on an EE plan you can also login to MYEE online and click the popup box when available to speak to live chat.

If you have a device fault try backing up the device and restoring it if you can. If this fails you may want to look at getting it repaired or exchanged through warranty/insurance if possible. 🙂
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Re: Pixel microphone fault

@PowerCat  If you got the device via a store sale go back to the store as you get 12 days to get the device exchanged if it is faulty.    ( like for like ) 


If it was a online or phone sale just call customer services and they will sort everything out for you.    


You do not need to claim on any insurance or get that device fixed as EE will exchange it if it's faulty.  



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Re: Pixel microphone fault

Isn't it six months (consumer rights act) in terms of wanting a replacement and not being fussed about a refund?

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Re: Pixel microphone fault

I am having th exact same problem. I can't call people, they can't hear me at all. Microphone won't work.  I also tried to leave a voice note on WhatsApp & Record Audio on SnapChat & Soundcloud to test the fault. This is my second Pixel in 6 months. First one wouldn't charge, then when I received it back from the repair centre the restored phone wouldn't connect to Wifi. Data went through the roof. I got a new handset, have had it three months and now the miccrophone and speakers don't work.

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Re: Pixel microphone fault

Hi @MJF,


Welcome to the EE Community.


Have you spoken to Google support?


You can chat with them via settings>Support.





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