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Photos erased from memory card



I have got Samsung note 8, just purchased 2 weeks ago. I have bought the memory card which was formatted when I had inserted it first. While I was on holiday I have taken lots of photos. I have just returned from holiday yesterday. This morning all my photos have disappeared.  I have checked gallery there are photos from the day before holiday and photos I took today. 


I spoke to Samsung tech support they blaming corrupted memory card. if the card was corrupted then why did it store photos for 11 days while I was on holiday?? I had send fed photos via whats app. why it has deleted this morning only?? 


Can somebody please help to restore photos of our family holiday? 


Thanks in advance

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Grand Master

Re: Photos erased from memory card



Two thinks to check. 


When you go into gallery make sure all the albums are visible.


Second is to connect your phone to your PC and explore the memory card for the DCIM - Camera folder.


If there is still nothing then they are lost unless they are backed up externally, which is unlikely if they are not present on your phone. 


As for memory cards, these can be hit and miss with many fakes on the market. Even buying from amazon can be dodgy unless the seller is Amazon and not a third party seller.



To contact EE Customer Services dial 150 From your EE mobile or 07953 966 250 from any other phone.

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Re: Photos erased from memory card

I checked gallery and that folder had disappeared. I checked dcim folder via my files and there are none. 


Photos were there till last night. This morning when I wake up it asked me upgrade software so I had upgraded phone software.


Is there anyway to retrieve from memory card? 

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Expert Contributor

Re: Photos erased from memory card

@soni13782 have you checked your Google photos to see if they had been stored on your Google account cloud 🌥 

I lost photos once, did a hard reset of phone and they all came back. 


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Re: Photos erased from memory card

I had sync with Google photos as well as Samsung cloud. Samsung cloud shows last sync was on 26/12/17 at 4am. 


This morning when I checked there was no photos.


How do I do hard reset for this note 8? Should I keep  memory card in phone while I do hard reset? At present I have removed card. 

EE Community Support Team

Re: Photos erased from memory card

Hi @soni13782


Thanks for coming here to community 🙂


Here is how how you do factory reset of Samsung Galaxy Note8 from our help and support pages.


Make sure you've done a back up before you do it.


Keep the memory card out.







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