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Our nagging paid off? (Pixel3XL)

So, after many text messages saying "my order is on track" and the website order tracking showing 19th-24th November, it seems as though the nagging on the forums here between myself and many other users has finally paid off.


Literally just received a text message from EE:

""Hi from EE. We're very sorry to say that due to a further manufacturer delay, your Google Pixel 3 will not be with you by 9 November. We're working with Google to get your new device to you as soon as possible but we don't have a confirmed delivery date yet. From tomorrow this will be reflected on the online order tracker, which you can access at {link removed} and we'll update you as soon as we know more. To apologise for the delay we'll also add a £50 credit to your EE account as soon as your Google Pixel 3 has been dispatched.""


I know other users have received messages about delays, but this is a first for me and maybe for others too.


I mean, it's never said 9th November for me, but it's something.

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Grand Master

Re: Our nagging paid off? (Pixel3XL)



Just perhaps EE are now doing what they should of done with customers who pre ordered this device. 


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Re: Our nagging paid off? (Pixel3XL)



Sorry, but I honestly don't know what relation any of this has to do with who I am IRL or my phone number.


All I was trying to say is that EE have finally sent out what seems to be a global communication to its customers about the Pixel 3Xl fiasco. 


I'm also betting that it has to do with countless threads on these forums all asking the same question "where the hell is our device?".


Most of these threads I have replied too aswell. 


tl;dr: nagging and complaining by countless people on the forums and by phone (including myself) likely forced EE to issue a statement and provide compensation.



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EE Community Manager

Re: Our nagging paid off? (Pixel3XL)

Hi @eleiyas


We're really glad to hear that you've had an update on your order.


Drop back to let us know when you get it and how you find it 🙂 






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by eleiyas Established Contributor
Established Contributor

Re: Our nagging paid off? (Pixel3XL)


Well it seems that there are still issues with the online tracker as many have pointed out.


I am still getting text messages such as "your order is on its way" or "your order is on track" and my online tracker still just says "19th - 24th November" and does not mention any delays.


It was stated many times here and elsewhere that people should receive their phones up to 28 days after pre-order, which would be the 8th or 9th of November, whereas the 19th-24th is almost 40+ days after I pre-ordered on the 11th.


Some people are now receiving their standard Pixel 3s and it also seems that the "Just Black" variant of the 128GB model Pixel 3XL are also starting to ship, however there is still no word on the "Clearly White" variant of the same model.


Carphone Warehouse does not seem to have this variant in stock and neither do EE. 


Not trying to moan about EE here, I just find it really confusing as to why the white variant is taking so much longer than the black variant...

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