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OnePlus 5 WiFiCalling

I'm thinking of switching from Three to EE.  Coverage is always an issue, especially as I am more rural.  EE generally seem to have more 4G availability (based on chatting to others in the area).  However, indoors for me is very poor.


I did chat to a lady in an EE shop, who assured me I would get 4G everywhere as EE only do 4G masts.  I let her ramble on for a while then thanked her and left.  I bought a PAYG EE sim to test coverage.  Indoors, as suspected is not great, often zero.


I have a OnePlus 5 (bought direct from them, not EE) -- when my EE sim is in it offers WifiCalling as a feature.  It doesn't seem to work.  I see from the website that PAYG does not support it.  However, it also says that WiFiCalling is only supported if you bought the phone direct from EE.  Seems odd.  I see some people saying it does work on non EE phones.


Is there a definitive answer on this?  OnePlus 5 devices support it, but will EE if I get a contract?


I don't want to be stuck with a 1 year contract from EE when I can't use my phone in the house.




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Prodigious Contributor

Re: OnePlus 5 WiFiCalling

Hi. First , was good idea to check network by path SIM card. If building is made by stone (non air brick) is very probably getting worse indoor signals. PayG not support WiFi calling. Good idea take free sims from others networks to check indoor quality signal. As I did and I moving from 3 to EE I’m happy now. 

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Brilliant Contributor

Re: OnePlus 5 WiFiCalling

Hello @justdaj,


Welcome to the community,


I would suggest you click on the link below, as you may find the answer you are looking for, as most phones need to come from EE to work with wifi calling and only work with monthly contracts:

EE Community Support Team

Re: OnePlus 5 WiFiCalling

Hi @justdaj,


Welcome to the EE Community.


You can find a full list of supported devices in our WiFi calling guide.





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Re: OnePlus 5 WiFiCalling



Although not officially supported WiFi calling and volte will both work on a oneplus 5 and 5t on EE.


You just need an EE sim that has both activated (I believe all pay monthly sims are)


Hope this helps!

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