by Yellowmatic Established Contributor
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OnePlus 3T on EE

I'm seriously considering the OnePlus 3T as my next phone, but I'd like to stay with EE rather that switching to O2 (the only UK provider that has it).

My question is anybody using this baby on EE? Any issues, pros and cons? Any comments about the phone in general?

by Bosshogg Established Contributor
Established Contributor

Re: OnePlus 3T on EE

Yes. @Yellowmatic

The 3 and a T. 


Only con is no voWifi. 

Volte works no dramas. 


Great signal with Volte and speeds in excess of 100mb. All good. 


Although, Unless you are getting it cheap / secondhand, wait for the OP5 in a few weeks. 

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