by Khalid2017

Number didn't port

We sent me a message saying my nun greet will be ported yesterday,  it didn't port. Today, I've received a message stating the number has been ported, yet it hasn't. 


The number I wanted ported is no longer active either,  so I can't receive calls. 


I have a delivery and telephone interview today- both missed. I won't be staying with them, I've ported numbers before without a problem. 

by Ace Contributor
Ace Contributor

Re: Number didn't port

If the number you ported is no longer active on the old SIM, it's probably in progress. Keep checking, maybe power cycle your phone every now and hopefully it'll start working soon.


Things can go wrong, it's never a good idea to port at a time when you need your phone.

EE Community Support Team

Re: Number didn't port

Hi @Khalid2017


Welcome to the community.


I'm sorry to hear of your missed delivery and interview.


What date and time did you request the number port?


If you submitted the form before 17.30 on a working day your number will be transferred the next working day; after 17.30 it would take two working days to transfer. 



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