by Chelsy Contributor

My Samsung galaxy s8 no longer fast charges.

My Samsung galaxy s8 keeps stopping fast charging. Its done it about 10 times since ive had it, sometimes i can get it to start working again and other times im having to go to samsung and buy new chargers. Ive done all recent updates and resets etc etc that ive been asked to do amd it doesnt work im getting extremely fustrated having to find and buy new chargers

by Brilliant Contributor
Brilliant Contributor

Re: My Samsung galaxy s8 no longer fast charges.

Is it getting hot? If so it'll stop fast charging.


Could be a faulty device have you spoken to Samsung about a fix under warranty

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Re: My Samsung galaxy s8 no longer fast charges.

Hello @Chelsy


Welcome back to the community,


Have you spoken to our technical support team about this?


Are you with us on a pay monthly account?


Speak soon, Leanne.

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