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Moving from TESCO Mobile to EE

The EE Pay As You Go Plan has really caught my attention! According to EE, if I top up £10 on Pay as You Go, I get 2014 free minutes and 1GB Data. But when I go here: http://explore.ee.co.uk/2014?wt.mc_id=ON_EE_I_atomic_shed_ee&wt.tsrc=Internal


It dosent list anything about "Already have a phone? Get the SIM instead!" Do I have to buy one of their phones to get this deal or can I use my Moto G which I bought from TESCO Direct?


Also, how would I transfer my TESCO number to EE? Is there any charge? Ill get it unlocked through Ebay.


Also Moto G is not 4G so If i put a 4g sim will it still work but be on 3g


Sorry if i AM dumb for asking any of this Smiley Happy


Re: Moving from TESCO Mobile to EE

the t and c dont mention any data at all.

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