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LG: Reviewing the G6

Straight away looking at the packaging for the LG G6 I was impressed with the device. Upon opening it the G6 has a sleek, smart look about it and the shape and seamlessness of the front makes it stand out from the rest.

For those of you who are used to Android set up will be a no brainer and I imagine you will do most of it on auto pilot. Those like myself who are new to the OS will be happy to hear LG have kept it 'nice and simple' with clearly worded options and menus to guide you through.

The speed and stability using the G6 is excellent. To date it has not lagged, crashed or restarted once. The menus are easy to understand and customising all the apps and settings did not take too long. Personally I go through my device with a fine tooth comb, turning off any hidden or background settings (auto updates, background refreshing & cellular usage, notifications etc), which can easily become complicated and start to feel like navigating through a maze but this time round it was much easier to work through.

Apart from some page jumping experienced when using the native Chrome app and other browsers I can not fault the LG G6. I recommend it for all types of users at any experience level using a smartphone. I class the G6 among one of the top devices all round out there currently and to finish off here are some examples why:


  • First smartphone? No problem - LG chose a simple default set up with basic phone functions easy to find at first so you can take it from there when you are ready.


  • Camera - after personal testing any photographer out there will love the 13MP dual camera. Some great settings and filters and the quality is truly excellent for a smartphone.


  • Display - the IPS LCD is a little softer on your eyes and perfect for streaming videos or playing games. If you do a lot of work on your device such as writing, code or spreadsheets you may also notice less strain after longer periods of use.


  • In general - no lagging or crashing! Enjoy a stress free reliable friendship with your phone.
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