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LG G5 - suddenly charging slowly

At some point in the last few days, my phone has begun to charge very slowly. I've tested multiple cables and adapters to mains, including those which came with the phone, and some spares I've bought from Anker, but whichever combination I use, or wherever I do it (at home/ work, mains/ USB) I get no more than about 10-15% per hour.


My phone used to charge from ~10% to 100% in less than 2 hours. 


Has anyone else experienced a sudden change in their battery 'behavour'? I've had this phone for under a year, about 9 months, and wouldn't expect to have my battery degrade so quickly.

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Re: LG G5 - suddenly charging slowly

Good afternoon @Calmlife


Welcome to community 🙂


If your phone is charging much slower than it usual it could be a number of things.


It could be the battery itself or the below reasons.


Have you got the latest software?


Have you tried to boot your device in safe mode and charge from there?


Slow charging may be caused by apps running in the background, so I'd recommend closing them all down as well if you have any open. 


If the phone still charges slowly in safe mode, reset your phone, but make sure you have backed everything up first.


If you are still having trouble then please get in touch with our technical team.







by Calmlife

Re: LG G5 - suddenly charging slowly

I tried all of these but it didn't help, although the problem has been resolved (somehow). Same hardware, but it's decided it wants to charge properly now. I'll get in touch with the technical team if it happens again.


Thanks for the advice.

EE Community Support Team

Re: LG G5 - suddenly charging slowly

I'm happy to hear your phone is now charging normally @Calmlife Smiley Happy


Thanks for letting us know.


- James

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