by kevink1

LG G5 charging failure

I've had a LG G5 since October; all has been fine with it until today when it has stopped being chargeable (using a variety of cables and chargers) - all that happens is that the phone gets hot. Have restarted it a few times, turned off all connections etc - nothing helps. The phone has not been dropped, been washed, or in other way mistreated. Its now down to 2 % battery and is not going to much good for long.


I'll be going to the EE shop soon to raise the issue but worth letting others know of it in the meantime. As far as google etc tells me this is not a known issue.


Thanks for any help!



EE Community Support Team

Re: LG G5 charging failure

Good evening @kevink1


Thanks for coming to the community.


Have you spoken to our customer service team about this? 


If the phone is overheating I would certainly suggest getting in touch.



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