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Is my huawei listening to my calls?

I recently bought a huawei, need to know what people think about them listening in on calls, as I keep seeing news articles about them spying.


Any discussion is appreciated.

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Brilliant Contributor

Re: Is my huawei listening to my calls?

Scaremongering that is all it is.

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Re: Is my huawei listening to my calls?

They're not referring to Huawei handsets, more the equipment at the heart of mobile networks. It's also not that they're listening but that they would have the ability to shut down a mobile network should they choose to do so to benefit the Chinese or their allies.


Anyway, Google, Amazon, Apple and Samsung all "listen" to what you say, and not to mention GCHQ. 


Now, where did I put that tinfoil...

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Re: Is my huawei listening to my calls?

@hughesmark879 all mobile phones, tablets and PCs, etc, may potentially be listened into by States, governments, organisations and even by individuals. Yes, you can go into privacy Settings and limit the data that may be collected, but even if you turn off your microphone, even if you limit permissions on apps, etc, your own State / Fed, even Council may obtain info from your phone on you either legitimately or illegitimately. Do they? Who knows? Can we do anything about it? No. Would stricter laws change anything? No. As to China listening into you because you have a Huawei, that is scaremongering. What interest are you to China? I'm sure that outsiders like China would find it more difficult to listen into you than Google, App!e, other installed apps, your Council, your State, your Fed, your government, your own various Security Services, your husband, your wife, your family, your employer, your colleagues, your friends, associates and even your neighbours. I don't want to make you paranoid. It's best just to accept that it's all possible, to take precautions in case of fraud, etc, but to then just live your life. 

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Re: Is my huawei listening to my calls?

I think you have to accept - if you have a bank account, they have your details and without going "off grid" you can't do much without a bank account!  Let alone a portable microphone (handset).  You have to ask - are you that interesting to the MIB?  I know I'm not. They can listen all they want. And if they want to flick me a few bucks now and then, that would be appreciated. Ha.

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