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Hi, hoping someone can help. I lost my phone last night whilst out, no proof it was stolen and I cant see how it could have been so have put it down to my stupidity! I have full insurance with EE and have been on and off to them all day and havnt gotten anywhere. Initially they put it down as stolen and when I queried it she said it couldnt be changed but when calling the police for an incident number (which ee requested) the police said if I cant prove it had been stolen then they couldnt give me one. Went back to EE and they said it wasnt a problem stating it as lost! Started all over again and after being passed to 2 more people I was told it will be given a data check and that he needed a name of someone that confirms that I was where I said I was and that I had enquired if it had been found...... that was at 1pm, just called again and spoke to the most obnoxious lady who said I will be receieving a call by 8pm Tuesday (how they are planning on calling me is a mystery) to tell me if they are accepting my claim and nothing nobody can do now as CID!!!!! are dealing with it now!! Im a mum who needs a phone! Frustrated and angry is an understatement!!

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Re: Insurance



Try reading your T&C and go via the complaints process. The T&C are here.


Even if your phone is lost you should still reporting it to the police in case someone hands your phone in, plus some pickpocket may have taken it. It's a strange response from the police.


Is this your first claim?  I suspect your story has triggered the insurers fraud indicators hence the need to prove your story further. They may arrange a telephone interview. Did they tell you what CID stands for? 


Who is dealing with your claim lifestyle group Or Allianz? They may tell you it's EE but it's not. 







To contact EE Customer Services dial 150 From your EE mobile or 07953 966 250 from any other phone.

EE standard opening hours are 8am to 9pm weekday, 8am to 8pm on weekends.
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Re: Insurance

Thanks for your reply.

The police weren't interested when I told them id lost it, they said they'd give me a crime number if I could prove its been stolen.

Yes, this is my first claim and the frustrating thing is im without a phone and I have to keep chasing them.

The girl I spoke to earlier told me CID are now looking into it..... as in the police!
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Re: Insurance

Good morning @LouLou76


Thank you for becoming a member of the community 🙂


This sounds like a really stressful situation you are in and I'm sorry to hear that you are without a handset.


I know that @Northerner has referred you to the terms and conditions already.


My fingers are crossed that you will get the resolution you are looking for.


Please keep us updated and any advice or help any of us can give, then we will.







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