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I had a contract sim card with ee number ending in 996 I ain't used that sim jul

Hi I had an ee sim card off ee back 2 months ago i had a £21all inclusive plan i have used£35onmy new pay as you go in 1 month I have had brood band fitted in my house with a telephone line also I wld like if possible to come to some cheaper contract agreement as I dont need data nowhere near as much only mainly minutes & the odd few texts I lost one phone but it had been connected to another persons device &they knew my vimeo number they were controlling the phone I explained this to the lady advisor specifically asked her for a new contract sim but with only a different phone number when I received my new sim card I popped it in my phone it was the same number that they were connected to &my phone stated being diverted to voice mails so I ain't received or made a call off that number since 31st of July 19 the old number ended in 996 it corrupted my device instantainiously which entailed me having to find £141which I had to receive a loan off a family member thankfully because of this mishap I'm paying as I go but have a £21per month contract sim I'm positive when I was an ee customer in the past I had a contract merely standing me around abt £11it would be much obliged if we cld amicably sort this issue with many thanks &kind regards miss paula **** look forward to hearing from you in the very near future I cant even call customer services as I only have text,mins& data bundle which does not give me the 25p to make the call very inconvenient &unsatisfactory


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EE Community Support Team

Re: I had a contract sim card with ee number ending in 996 I ain't used that sim

Hi and welcome to the community, @JoniP 


I appreciate you posting to try and get this sorted, but, this sounds like something that you need to discuss with our Customer Care team.


You can find our contact details on the get in touch help page.


You should be able to click to call through the My EE app without being charged 25p.



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