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Huqwei p30 will not connect to network



I've a p30 that just will not connect to the mobile network. it works fine over Wifi but when i' off WiFi and on data it wil just not connect.

I can't be a network issue as coverage is good at home as EE's coverage checker tells me there is good cleavage at home/.

I've reset network connections

I've forced closed the apps (Facebook mainly)

I've switched to air-plane mode, waited then turned it off. Still nothing

I've removed the app

I've uninstalled and reinstalled the app

I've restarted the phone

I've checked my data, and I've got 60Gig left


Weirdly the phone works fine if connected to a WiFi network. It just stops connecting when off the WiFo.


I really am a a loss of what to do next...

Can you assist. 

P30 with not internet connection


thanks in advance



and it happens where ever i am in the UK and 

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Re: Huqwei p30 will not connect to network

@martistandi   WiFi on the device has nothing to do with EE.  The cellular signal on the other hand is via EE.   Where did you get this device from ?  Can you make and receive calls/texts.    

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Re: Huqwei p30 will not connect to network

All fixed now, as I found a similar post on here. 

With the below solution -

turn content to strict content

Turn off the phone and remove the sim card

Insert sum card and turn it on again

Turn content to off

And the problem is fixed

EE Community Support Team

Re: Huqwei p30 will not connect to network

Thanks for sharing your solution, @martistandi 🙂



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Re: Huqwei p30 will not connect to network

Hi @martistandi 


Great stuff! 🤗


That's absolutely right!


Cheers 👍


BustaCrabb 🦀

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