by NP3 Contributor

Huawei P20 Pro - Android Auto Issues

Is anybody else having issues with the P20 Pro / Android Auto connectivity?

My P20 P seems to be very tempremental connecting to the system in my Hyundai Ioniq

It seemed to work fine when I initially set it up, but now seems to be demonstrating various isues on a regular basis.


These have included (all when using a cable connection) - 

- The head unit displays an incoming call notification, but never a ringtone.

- Initially no audio notification of incoming text / whatsapp messages - seems to be resolved by setting battery management settings for these apps to manual.

- Periodic loss of voice control (sometimes resolved by toggling bluetooth on and off!) - AA tells me ' I dont know how to help with that yet' in response to commands.

- Voice control allowing a call to be made, but the call screen displays a 'No bluetooth connection to phone' message on dialling and the call fails (again, sometimes resolved by toggling bluetooth on and off!)

- Incoming calls displayed on the head unit can be answered on screen, but the audio is routed from the phone rather than the cars speaker system.

- Issues all seeem to revolve around calls / messaging - Google maps always responds to voice commands as expected.

- Occasionally, the system works fine and all is well in the car


Am i alone in this experience - Never had any iof these ssues with my previous phone (s7 edge).


by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: Huawei P20 Pro - Android Auto Issues

@NP3  I would make contact with Huawei about this as sounds like a device issue. You could also try contacting Hyundai as it could just be there systems not working with that device correctly. 

by markyap73 Investigator

Re: Huawei P20 Pro - Android Auto Issues

I have the P20 Lite. When connecting my phone to the car via Bluetooth, all is ok. Yet, if I try to connect the phone via USB (this is for Android Auto, music), nothing happens.....apart from the phone gets a good charge. My car, Corsa, head unit doesn't see the USB connection. I've tried debug mode via USB, but this option resets itself when leaving the screen and even the phone shows that no USB device is connected.


My old S7 and even my wife's Sony ZX works well, so it must be the phone?


Raised a help ticket with Vauxhall, if the head unit has issues. Huawei said the phone is at fault. EE help deck..... not a clue what is wrong.




EE Community Support Team

Re: Huawei P20 Pro - Android Auto Issues

Hi @markyap73


It could potentially be a compatibility issue rather than a fault.


Can you pair your phone with other Bluetooth and USB devices?



by markyap73 Investigator

Re: Huawei P20 Pro - Android Auto Issues

Hi Chris,


After rebooting the phone, changing debug mode and so on, the phone did link via USB but the the car head unit did not pick up a USB device. When unplugged and pluged back in, there was no USB connection made and the phone had to rebooted. Bluetooth works fine now.


I've raised a help ticket with Vauxhall, as they do have a 'entertainment' section for this kind of issues.


I just find it strange that my old S7 and Sony ZX1 work fine with the car unit - Android Auto/Google maps show on the headunit.


If Vauxhall find a solution, I will post here 🙂



EE Community Team

Re: Huawei P20 Pro - Android Auto Issues

Hi markyap73,



That would be great if you could come back and let us know how you got on 🙂






by markyap73 Investigator

Re: Huawei P20 Pro - Android Auto Issues

This is the reply I've recieved from Huawei:


Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Regarding your inquiry, we've been made aware of this issue with Android Auto and we've been constantly working to improve it. For the P20 Lite, the update that solves the issue with Android Auto is scheduled to arrive in the last quarter of 2018 with the Anne-L01 software version for the single SIM version and Anne-L21 for the dual SIM version. So please keep an eye out for any system on your phone using System updates, HiCare or HiSuite on your phone.

Hope this brings more light!



Hope this helps 🙂

by NP3 Contributor

Re: Huawei P20 Pro - Android Auto Issues

No improvement with mine, in fact seems to have deteriorated with recent updates.


Google Maps.

Connects and displays maps on head unit.

Accepts - Navigate to xxx' command but gives no vaudible response (Navigating to xx) only coloured lines / circles.

Maps comes up visually with audio via head unit.



Accepts Phone XXX command - no audible confirmation (Phoning XXX) - coloured lines / circles.

Calling XXX screen comes up and audio works.

No audible notification of incoming calls - visual only

If pressing AA telephone symbol - only recent calls visable.

Hit Bluetooth telephone symbol - full contacts list available.


Text / Whats App

Does not accept 'Text XXX / Message XXX' instruction - no audio whatsoever - only coloured lines / circles.

No audible notification of incoming messages - visual only.

Touch visual notification and message is read and I am given option to respond.



Accepts 'Play XXX' request with audio confirmation (Asking spotify to play xxx)


Huawei's respons to enable developer maode / always prompt on connection to USB has not helped.


Together with the wifi calling issue - starting to regret the switch from Samsung.

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