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How to get cashback on selected Samsung Galaxy products this Christmas


If you went a bit crazy over Black Friday and you're feeling the pinch, then we might be able to help with this cracking offer from Samsung this Christmas.


If you've had your eye on the powerful Note9, or been waiting to get your hands on the brand new Galaxy Watch, then we've got some good news - you can get up to £150 cashback when you buy selected Samsung Galaxy devices.


 samsung cashback offer-1200x628_2.jpgCashback offers on a range of Samsung products


So how can I get  the cash back?


All you need to do is buy one of the selected Samsung Galaxy devices between the 4th and 24th  December and you can get cashback - it's as easy as that. Just be sure to register as soon as you buy your Samsung Galaxy device as you've only got 30 days to claim your cashback.



Where do I need to go to claim the cash back?


You need to head over to Samsung to claim back the money. You'll need the IMEI or serial number to hand - you can find them in the device settings or by dialling *#06# on your phone's keypad - plus a copy of your proof of purchase.


Claim cash back >


What Samsung Galaxy devices can I get cashback with?


Well you're spoilt for choice as you can pick from the latest Galaxy phones like the Note 9 to the S9+, or the S4 and S3 tablets. You can make the most of the offer on the following devices:




Cashback offer

Galaxy Note9 (512GB or 128GB) 

£150 cashback*


Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus

£100 cashback*



£80 cashback*



£50 cashback*



£40 cashback*



£30 cashback* 

Samsung Tab S4 

£100 cashback*


Samsung Tab S3 

£70 cashback*



Samsung Tab A 10.5

£50 cashback*

Galaxy Watch 4G (46mm or 42mm)


£50 cashback*


Galaxy Watch BT (46mm or 42mm) 

£50 cashback*




How do I know my cashback claim has been successful?


You'll get an email and text message straight away from Samsung to let you know that they got your cashback claim. Then another email to let you know if your claim has been successful. 



Check out the Samsung Galaxy offer >




Terms and conditions apply (see below)


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  1. To claim, after purchasing a Promotion Product from a Participating Retailer during the Promotion Period, Participants must visit within thirty (30) days of purchase of their Promotion Product (the date of purchase counts as day 1) and complete the claim form with either the IMEI number where the purchased Promotion Product is a smartphone or the serial number where the purchased Promotion Product is a tablet or smartwatch. Participants will also need to provide their name, contact information, bank account details and any other requested information, and submit it together with a scanned copy of their proof of purchase.  Participants may also be required to upload a photograph or screenshot of either their IMEI number or serial number as appropriate (Claim).
  2. Claims may only be submitted within thirty (30) days from the date of purchase, meaning the final claim date for purchases made on the 24th of December 2018 is no later than 23:59 (GMT) on the 22nd of January 2019 (the End Date). Claims received after the End Date will not be eligible. For the avoidance of doubt, the date of purchase counts as day 1.
  3. Not sure how Samsung can help here? See section Claims within the Ts and Cs for information on how to claim
  4. Participants will receive the Reward by way of bank transfer to the bank account detailed in the Claim within thirty (30) days of Claim Validation


And if you have any questions about this offer, leave us a comment below.



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