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How to access picture messaging

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Re: How to access picture messaging

Good afternoon @Sparkles1 and welcome to the EE Community


Whilst your phone may look a little different in the way messages work, the screenshot I've provided is to guide you on how to access picture messaging. Please note this will count as an MMS, unless included as part of your plan extra charges will apply. If you send pictures through a service like WhatsApp, it's free, with the exception of using data (internet enabled service)


1 - Go to your messages


2 - Tap the + icon on the left (may look different depending on your phone)


3 - Tap the photo icon (I've left a scribble in my screenshot to indicate which icon this is)


4 - Choose the photo(s) and send. Remember because it's a photo, MMS charges will apply unless otherwise stated in your contract.


I hope this has helped. If not, please reply and I'll try to help further.


Have a great day







EE Community Support Team

Re: How to access picture messaging

Hi @Sparkles1.


Did @Andrewworr's advice answer your query?


If you've received a picture message and a password, please visit Pick Up Your Picture Message to view it.


Let us know if you need any further assistance 🙂 



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