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Having Issues? Help here with Wi-Fi Calling firewall Ports on Android

Hi Guys,


I still see that some people are having the odd issue with Wi-Fi calling on Android so I thought I would post what I have learned and applied to get Wi-Fi calling for us to work.


So, just to make things clear we do not restrict any outbound traffic in any way but obviosly DO restrict inbound traffic through the firewall on our Draytek 2860 Router.


The following ports MUST be allowed inbound access through your firewall, you can if you wish then apply the firewall rule to only apply to the ip addresses given out to your phone(s) - if you do this make sure the phone(s) get the same IP address everytime they connect to WiFi.


Ports to be opened for WAN>LAN traffic


5222 TCP

5223 TCP

500 UDP

4500 UDP


Ports 500, 5222, 5223 seem to establish the connection whilst port 4500 is used for the actual data transfer - you may want to create a QOS rule for port 4500 UDP so your phone(s) will take priority over normal network traffic.


If you do restrict outbound traffic then ports 80 TCP (http) & 443 TCP (https) also need to be allowed out & in if they are not already allowed in.


This is working great for us now and I hope it helps any fellow Android users...


Cheers John

by Ace Contributor
Ace Contributor

Re: Having Issues? Help here with Wi-Fi Calling firewall Ports on Android

I'm surprised any ports are needed to be configured inbound, the majority of people will not have these and it will be working fine. All connections should be initiated from the phone which will then implicitly allow the inbound connection back in.


Not a great idea to open a port from any source on the internet to your phone really.

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