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HAD 2 change 2 EE when new simm reqd. Links given 2 T/fer my old No dont work, P

Hi, Im not particularly phone savvy but needed a micro simm when I changed my phone. (I am a PAYG customer) I was FORCED to accept an EE account and told it would be plain sailing to keep my existing No.


Sadly it has NOT been plain sailing and EVERY link GIVEN or FOUND does NOT lead to transferring my old No to this new simm.


To say I am annoyed would be a tadd of an underestimation, so much so I might even change networks if I vant get this sorted soon.


Because I dont know if I put credit on this simmit will remain with this No so at the moment I have no credit. All avenues I have found and seem to give an answer want you to ring 150, which I did but following thru all their auto requests I reached a dead end as, not that I didnt already know but, as there is no credit they were unable to transfer me to someone to help. However, the HELP they were to give would cost me God knows how much AND still no guarantee of keep in my old No. I am furious! There is No Customer Services to email for assistance and its all about getting your money off of you rather than giving a decent service!


RANT over, anyone who CAN help me PLEASE do so.





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Re: HAD 2 change 2 EE when new simm reqd. Links given 2 T/fer my old No dont wor

Hello @PamG if you already have an EE PAYG account and your current EE SIM card is working and able to receive SMS text messages you can use the online form to process the SIM swap:


If you are migrating your number & credit from T-Mobile or Orange or you are porting your number in from another network customer service on 150 from an EE phone or 0800 956 600 from any other using option 2, 4 from the main menu can help. You will need the mobile numbers/SIM serial numbers or PACs for the accounts you want to discuss. 🙂

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