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Gaming on the LG G6 on EE - Free games galore!

The LG G6 gaming experience is fully supported by Vulkan™ and allows you not to worry about battery left thanks to the Game Battery Saver. You can also adjust each indicator such as resolution, frame and battery on individual needs. 


An additional bonus for gaming fans is the additional £160 pounds worth of in-app game items you can access through the LG SmartWorld.


Let's see how the Community Stars get on with the following: 


  • After downloading the games did you receive your free gift?


  • Did the game fill the entire 18:9 screen?


  • Was entire process easy or difficult to follow?


  • Do you enjoy playing games on the G6?


  • Any other thoughts?


How to access the games 


To access the games you will need an internet connect and you must be logged in with a Gmail account; From the Homescreen go to the “Services” folder open “LG SmartWorld” tap on the LG G6 Game collection banner and select game of your choice to download and to receive the free gift.

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Re: Gaming on the LG G6 on EE - Free games galore!

The gaming on the G6 was really good and I think that's because of the size display it's not cramped and your finger/hand is not covering the display to much.  I downloaded Temple run 2 and got a stash of coins because of the free £160 in app purchase you get with the G6 and yes it's still annoying when you jump and should of slid under.  I tried a few of the other games and Spider-Man is a gem of a game I love it and it's this that's killing the battery for me as I can not put it down.  You can change the screen size of any app to fill the display it's just some apps don't yet support the full 18:9 so might not display correctly but they still work in full display mode. The games in the LG SMARTWORLD APP are built for the 18:9 ratio so look spot on. 


You can force apps in to full display mode but if there not updated to 18:9 ratio you'll see this message. 



It's so easy to claim the free £160 you just need to open the LG SMARTWORLD app and sign in with a Google account,  from there within the app you select the game and before you know it your playing the game with extras and you've saved yourself a stash of your own cash.



As for other thoughts if I was looking to get a top spec device I would seriously consider this for a few reasons


1 the camera on this device has blown me away, on the first day I had a chance to get out and try this I took some 460 pictures in around 2+ hours.  I'm just sorting out which ones I want to get printed off. 


2 the display of the device has got to be the best display I've seen on a mobile device.  It's  colour reproduction is first class and looks more natural as to what I'm used too anit covers 80% of the front of the device .  10/10 for this and it’s the first phone with Dolby Vision.  


3 You can if you can find one add a 2TB micro SD card ( good luck with that one ) but I think a 256GB micro SD card is more than enough.  


4 it charges up its 3,300mAh capacity battery to full in just over 2.5 hours, It charges so fast because it's charging cable a USB 3 type-C.  


Im not a Android user but the device itself is first rate and I'll not be happy when I give this device up.   


  How do I put iOS on this !! 

by Ace Contributor
Ace Contributor

Re: Gaming on the LG G6 on EE - Free games galore!

Here's my experience on the gaming experience.



I tried to download a none free game, but I was presented with a screen where I needed to enter credit card details, PayPal details, so I was unable to download one of the games that was not free and I couldn’t see where there was any mention of £160 access worth of in app games. And this was with me been logged into a Gmail account.


So instead, and so that I could give my experience, I downloaded a couple of free games instead (Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds which were all free games.)


I found the download times were rather on the slow side from LG Smartworld Store (perhaps the store was getting a lot of traffic at the time), this was despite me using my 76 MB Fibre Broadband connection, the games were only around 40 MB in size too.


Unfortunately, I could not get Angry Birds Rio to run. The game briefly loaded up, then I got a little prompt appearing saying “Angry Birds Rio keeps stopping”. I closed all the apps and tried again, but still the same issue. Perhaps the app needs an update!


I then installed Angry Birds and this ran fine. I experienced no lag and the game played flawlessly. However, the game did not do the gorgeous display on the LG G6 justice. The game looked a bit on the low resolution side. I did find the always on the screen home screen button, back, recent screen/app buttons to be a bit distracting when playing a game, but I suppose that’s the price we have to pay for reduced bezels (i.e. having to shift these buttons off of the bezels and onto the screen). If there is a way to hide these mentioned buttons from within the LG G6’s software, then it wasn’t obvious to where you needed to go to do this. However, Angry Birds filled the 18:9 screen up with no black areas.


The whole downloading and using of the LG Smartworld I found to be good, but not excellent. The first impression I got from the first app I installed was of an app that would not run (not very good for a first time user) and also of a rather slow download process from LG Smartworld . But too be fair, any app store can suffer slowdowns due to receiving a lot of traffic, so I am not going to judge too harshly on that.

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Brilliant Contributor

Re: Gaming on the LG G6 on EE - Free games galore!

I have downloaded the Mahjong games, there are several you can download, I have them on my I-Pad, and they seem to work uk and do not cost anything, unless you want to pay, you can play happily with them. 


I have downloaded scrabble and another word game as well as solitaire, have not really used these, as yet, so will see when I have time, as to how these go.


They all installed easily and I did not find the installation slow, but appeared to be normal. I do not play games much, but there are times when playing one of these games can be a nice occupation, if anyone gets what I mean.

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Re: Gaming on the LG G6 on EE - Free games galore!

  • No but I downloaded direct from Google Play Store by mistake. When I clicked the G6 Game Collection banner in the LG Smartworld app and selected the game it popped up with the free gift.


  • Yes (Crossy Road) and others I have downloaded.


  • Easy - registration is automatic when signing in via a gmail account.


  • Yes I have downloaded quite a few including some favourites I have on my previous device and they all work as intended. The screen is softer on my eyes and they do not feel as strained after a while or in low light conditions.


  • The Game Battery Saver will be a big help to gamers who spend a lot of time out and about. The £160 free gift is an unexpected surprise. Overall I rate gaming on the LG G6 highly. 

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