by Glenn_1989

Galaxy s8 charging slowly

My Samsung s8 is charging extremely slowly and is telling me to use the original charger. . . But I am using the original charger???

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Re: Galaxy s8 charging slowly

Morning @Glenn_1989


Welcome to the community.


Does this happen with any other charger at all?


How long has this been happening?


Thanks, Leanne.

by Glenn_1989

Re: Galaxy s8 charging slowly

About a month. I'm the only person I know with this charger because Samsung have changed the charger for the new s8. It took an hour last night to reach 11%. Some nights I go to bed with it on charge, wake up and it's not even fully charged

EE Community Support Team

Re: Galaxy s8 charging slowly

Hello there @Glenn_1989


Thanks for coming back to us.


I would suggest giving us a call and our technical support team will be able to help you get this looked into.


Thanks. Leanne.

by Skilled Contributor
Skilled Contributor

Re: Galaxy s8 charging slowly

Try cleaning any fluff from the charge port on the S8 and make sure the charger socket is clean too. 


Is the S8 getting hot or in a place where it can get warm whilst charging? eg. above a radiator or anything like that?  The S8 has a charge cut-out if the handset gets too warm whilst charging.  Some people were having issues with wireless charging pads and heat related charging issues such as this. 



by Jay-Samsung Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Re: Galaxy s8 charging slowly

Hi Glenn,


3 possible issues come to mind...


Firstly power the phone off completely. Power the phone back on and hold volume down. This will put the phone in safe mode (temporarily disabling any apps downloaded) and if this fixes the issue then it is one of your applications.


Second, your charge cable or block could be damaged/faulty. You get a 12 month warranty on both of these, so providing they aren't in too bad of a condition, pop into a local Samsung store with your receipt and they will exchange whichever has gone faulty.


Finally, it could be dirt or fluff trapped in the charge port of the phone. I can't advise you to clean the port yourself as if you damage it then you will have to pay to get it replaced. I turn my phone off before using a dental pick to remove dirt. Finishing off with a can of compressed air should hopefully sort it.


It is possible that dirt could short out the charge port and stop it working, requiring a new charge port. I would put my money on your data cable however.


Hope this helps,



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