by strangedays

Galaxy s7 speaker

Faulty Galaxy S7 speaker / sound issues have been plaguing the Galaxy s7 for a while.  It appears that Samsung are ignoring the issue and I am stuck with what to do.  I am pretty annoyed with the phone for the issue and wondered if:


1.  You have had the issue and found a permenent solution.


2. Had any joy with EE on this?


Here is a link to 35 pages of posts regarding the neverending issue.



by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: Galaxy s7 speaker

@strangedays   You would be better off reporting to Samsung as you got a 24 month warranty with that device from Samsung. 

by strangedays

Re: Galaxy s7 speaker

Ok thanks - from what I see Samsung never fix the issue.  I think its basically tarnished Samsungs reputation -well it has for me and many others.  Such a shame as I loved the previous ones.

EE Employee

Re: Galaxy s7 speaker

Hi @strangedays and welcome to the community.


Any warranty issue with the device will have to be investigated via Samsung.


Please do pop into your nearest EE store as we will be able to send the device away for repair.


Many thanks,







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